Based in Sweden, Quickspin casino software is one of the more recent entrants into the crowded field of online casino software companies. They have decided to focus solely on the creation of new slots, shunning the trend to enter the increasingly popular table games and live dealer segments of the market. Their current offering of slots is in the two dozen range, but that is because they are still in the early stages of their product development. Having said that they are still very sought after by many casino operators.

Quickspin casino software – Background and History

Quickspin was founded in Sweden back in 2011. Their initial objective was to create and develop a series of high quality video slots that were free to play. They strategically placed these games throughout the social media market and grew to the point that they began to develop paid slots not long thereafter. While they are the new kids on the block in this industry, they have already earned several awards, the most notable of which is the Mobile Gaming Software Supplier of the Year in 2014 and 2015.

Quickspin casino software Description

While the number of games offered by Quickspin is limited at this point, they have chosen to focus on quality. Their games are rated highly by the players that are engaged with them due to their rich animation, exciting and visual themes, audio effects that capture the attention of the soul, and a plethora of video slot options. Their most popular games to date center around famous stories from across history. These include Big Bad Wold, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and Beowulf. They have also created their own unique line of slots entitled Seven Highs 7. A notable drawback is the absence of any slots tournaments, but who knows what the future might hold for this company.


As a new software development company, Quickspin has chosen to focus on the creation of slots that are rather generic from a graphics perspective. What they have done to compensate is create a series of slots that are extremely clear for the player to understand, complete with an autoplay feature that recent technology has made available. For Quickspin, this means that players are able to choose anywhere from ten to 1,000 spins at a time. The downside of Quickspin’s version is that is does not allow the player to stop the game at certain predetermined points. Instead, it will continue on autoplay until the player manually stops it, or a prize is won. Some of the slots that have been developed to this point also have a Fast Play mode. Currently, the house edge for Quickspin slots is between 2.9 and 4.6 percent. This is actually at the higher end of what is currently available within the industry today, so it should bode well for Quickspin’s future if they can keep that up.