Bovada Casino

If you have been looking for an online casino that has all of the features of a traditional physical location, you will want to take a look at Bovada. Many long time players might remember them as BoDog Casino. This operation has been around for years, and it continues to add features that online gamers look for the most. From a comprehensive sports book to a plethora of table games, we found it all as we kicked the tires of this site around a bit. While there is always room for improvement, Bovada has captured the essence of what it takes to create a fun and exciting virtual gaming environment. Take a look at some of the various features that most players will be interested in the most.

Bovada casino

Bovada Casino Review

As we went through Bovada with a fine tooth comb, we were hard pressed to find any casino related aspect of the site that was missing. If you want to play poker, you will find a variety of live games with a seat at the table waiting for you day and night. The sports book is honestly one of the most comprehensive that we have found in the virtual world. We found contests from around the world ready to be wagered on, with live betting being offered on most major sports leagues. From the English Premier League to all major American sporting events, there is no shortage of bets to get involved in.

Many events will offer specialize wager opportunities, such as the Super Bowl that contained the option to place over a hundred side bets alone. However, we did find one shortcoming in that the preview section of many contest is sorely lacking. For enthusiasts that like to do a bit of research before placing a bet on any given contest, we found the information to be sparse and a bit lacking in substance in many areas. While this is a limiting factor, we have found many online casino players to rely on external sites to conduct their research to begin with. If that is, you will almost certain appreciate being able to place nearly any bet imaginable at one, easy to use site.

Horse tracks around the world are also covered under the scope of Bovada. We found the betting board to be surprisingly user friendly. Preview any horses you want to learn more about, right down to information related to trainers and jockeys. The results are updated in real time, so you can take your winnings from one track and apply them to another race an entire continent away if you so desire.

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Now, let’s talk about the casino itself, beginning with the slots. Much like many other online casinos today, there are a variety of slots offered right on the home page of Bovada. While the variety is rather impressive, you will not find the thousands of games you will on other sites. What you will find are a number of your traditional favorites, combined with some unique creations that you will find nowhere else. In the end, we played quite a few slots and found them to be innovative and creative. Because new slots are continually add, we estimate that you could play for months and never encounter the same one twice. The instructions for each slot are prominently displayed before you play, so you should never find yourself confused about how to win.

The array of table games at Bovada is great. There is a live poker room along with regular tournaments offered daily. A number of other card games are offered as well. Blackjack is a crowd favorite, and we found more than a dozen varieties offered at this online casino. To be fair, the new gaming environment for virtual blackjack is a bit visually distracting and would be a turn off to many long time players. At the same time, access to the classic design is also available, so Bovada appears to be trying to appeal to all types of players out there today. In short, we found every card and table game one would expect at a casino, so that is a positive indication of the direction Bovada appears to be heading.

The famous RTG software slots are one of the all time favorites at Bovada casino, they are popular among all players at the casino, especially with the USA crowd since not many software providers accept them at online gaming.

Out of the popular slot machines you can easily spot the best-sellers, such as Caesar’s Empire or the all time favorite Cleopatra Gold .

Promotional and Bonus Opportunities

There are several bonus opportunities available at Bovada that we think might be of interest to you. Let us being with the $3,000 welcome bonus. Did that get your attention? It should, as that is among one of the highest we have seen in the many online casinos we have reviewed of late. This bonus is available in $1,000 increments and can be used a total of three times. The way it works is this: You deposit up to $1,000 and the casino will match it 100 percent. You do not have to deposit the full $1,000 in order to take advantage of the bonus, and there are some restrictions related to how quickly you can withdraw the bonus money, but those are pretty much industry standard. One drawback to this bonus is that it can only be used in the casino, so no sports or horse betting will be in your future. If you are interested, keep reading as there is a bonus for you.

Bovada offers a $250 bonus on bets placed in the sports book and at the horse track. These bets can be placed on any contest and winnings are easy to withdraw along the way. The player rewards program is also great, with cash back being offered after a certain number of wagers have been accumulated.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Bovada is a mixed bag when it comes to the ease of depositing money and the cashing out your winnings. We found it incredibly easy to deposit funds, particularly when using a credit card. Bovada uses a variety of merchant accounts around the world, opening up access to gamers across the globe. However, the options available for withdrawing money are a bit lacking. In fact, you can only choose from a check delivered by courier, bank wire transfer with a $1,000 minimum, or Bitcoin. That could be a turn off to many online casino enthusiasts out there.

Our Take

All in all, Bovada is an online casino worth playing. They offer nearly everything you could possibly be looking for. While there are some limitations, as we have noted in this review, the positives far outweigh the negative. If you are looking for a user friendly online casino environment where you can play what you want, on your terms, this is definitely a site you will want to visit.