Responsible Gambling is one of the most important issues of online casinos today. For most of the casino players, gambling is a form of entertainment which involves thrill and adrenaline when money is involved, however for a small percentage of the population gambling is an addiction, so in such cases we need forward these people for the proper institutions which can assist them.

know your game

Most of casino players get swept away in a winning streak thinking that there is no chance whatsoever to lose, and when the actually begin to lose all their winnings, in some cases it can drag them deeper than started. Every player needs to know when to pack up and leave the casino, especially when it’s an online casino and the temptation is high to keep on playing because you play in your own comfortable environment.

Every gambler needs to know its limits regardless of the psychological aspect of the game whereas almost every player thinks his bad luck is about to end. For these cases a contingency plan needs to be made and it must be strictly kept during loosing and (surprising as it sounds) during winnings.

Do I have a gambling problem?

In some cases, gambling can be a serious addiction, which can cause serious financial issues especially if this addiction is not treated on time.

The first questions one has to ask when playing an online casino, is whether gambling is something he can do without, if the answer is No then we have a problem.

The second issue each of us needs to debate on is Whether our play is transparent, meaning we are not trying to hide our online gambling from our love ones. If we try to manipulate our close family and friends from knowing our gambling history, it should raise some red lights.

People from the below criteria’s should avoid gambling

  • If you are underage, meaning under the age of 18.
  • Whether gambling made you lose work or skipp social events.
  • If gambling causes you to take loans and you can’t control your limits
  • If you ever stole, pawned or sold items to pay for your gambling debts.
  • If gambling causes you stress, lose sleep or bring tension in your relationship.
  • If losing money during gambling brings you into a depressed state of mind.

Compulsive gamblers are required to get in touch with professional help, there are several good assistance with experienced staff over the net such as:

GambleAware –  a U.K based organization which supply support and an open ear for gambling problems plus provides the gamblers with a free online gambling related information, phone sessions and meetings.

GamCare – a U.K based charity organization which supports the gamblers both via phone chats or face-to-face meetings trying to educate their audience about the risks of gambling.

Gamblers anonymous – this is a fellowship organization with worldwide branches and U.S hotlines and U.S meetings designed to face gamblers with the recognition of their addiction and offer support.