All American Video Poker | Slot Game Review

The Vitals

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In More Words

All American Video Poker Progressive is a standard version of poker developed by Microgaming. The game play is so simple and straightforward so it is a nice place to start for people who have never played this entertaining game. But, at the same time experienced players can take some risks and explore some strategies they have never tried before. The setting of the game is very simple where you have everything you need right in front of you, the pay table, the cards and the control panel.

Bonus Features

What makes All American Video Poker Progressive different from other versions of poker is that Microgaming has added a number of surprises in the payout table. In this version players are allowed to check the ongoing game statistics to see their results in previous games. This is very helpful when it comes to deciding the odds whether they will get a high paying hands depending on the cards that they are holding at the moment.

The game is played with a standard 52 deck cards which are shuffled before every deal. Players have to use all their cards but they are allowed to discard and draw up to 5 times. There are no wilds in this version of poker but that is okay, since your final object is to have the best poker hand. Or at least to win the progressive jackpot, but in order to be eligible for it you need to play with 5 coins.

How Does It Look

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The Bottom Line

All American Video Poker Progressive is definitely a variation of poker that you have to try. We have to thank Microgaming for coming up with a poker game that offers a progressive jackpot.

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