Classic Blackjack Gold | Slot Game Review

The Vitals

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In More Words

Classic Blackjack Gold is a card game from Microgaming. This is a high standard game that offers you a real life experience thanks to its superb graphics and sound effects. You have a feeling that you are playing a more luxurious game rather than the standard blackjack. That is the thing that makes this game even more appealing to punters.

What`s your strategy, and do you have one?

We assume that you know the general rules on how to play blackjack, so for that reason we are going to take a look on some of the things that Classic Blackjack Gold has to offer.

  • The dealer will deal one card for himself and it stands on any 17.
  • If you have cards of the same rank you can split them, but you are not allowed to split 10 value cards of different ranks.
  • If you have hard 9, 10 or 11 you can make double.
  • You are allowed to split only once.
  • If you have split aces you are allowed to add several cards to them.
  • After you split your cards you cannot form blackjack
  • You cannot surrender.

If the dealer has a face up ace, there is insurance and it is paid 2:1.


How Does It Look

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The Bottom Line

Classic Blackjack Gold is a very interesting game and we have to thank Microgaming for giving us the chance to play it. The game has rich options and it is suitable for both beginners and experienced players who enjoy card games. You can make different changes just so you can have more pleasant experience yourself. If you wish you can disable the sound effects or increase the game speed for instance. The feeling of being a real casino and playing blackjack is the highlight of this game.

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