Cops N’ Robbers | Slot Game Review


The Vitals

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In More Words

This game doesn’t contain any cops who will catch you whenever they spot you when gambling, and there is definitely no robbers who will steal your money away. But take note that you will lose money if you’re unlucky in playing Cops N’ Robbers. This is a very cool game that contains the exciting theme of cops and robbers chasing around the street. But this game is a video slot game, and is not a game just like Grand Theft Auto, because you’re here to gamble and not play some action game!

Anyways, Cops N’ Robbers contains a lot of themes that’s based on policemen and robbers. That’s why the game is set in a city as there are lots of robbers lurking around the city streets, and cops are all around the place. There are also symbols that are themed after items that are often stolen by burglars and thieves such as golden handwatches and museum paintings. Police-themed symbols are also present such as police cars, manacles, and a photo of a crook in a jail cell.

This game will surely make you feel like you’re chasing robbers as well as you chase the jackpot of 3000 coins in this amazing and eye-friendly game.

Bonus Features

The following bonuses will make you feel like getting a reward after catching a robber:

Wild Symbol

The game’s wild symbol is a safe which replaces the symbols on the reels so then you can easily land on combos. However, this symbol doesn’t replace the scatter symbol. Getting a wild symbol on one or all of the reels guarantees double your winnings, while landing on all five lets you win the jackpot in the safe!

Scatter Symbol

The police car serves as the scatter symbol of the game. This can make you get some free spins and turn the rest of the police cars into a wild symbol during the free spin round so then you can run fast towards your desired winnings.

How Does It Look

cops n robberscops n robberscops n robbers

The Bottom Line

Cops N’ Robbers will surely make you chase towards you winnings because there nothing’s more rewarding than catching that thief that stole your money away. But in this game, your money won’t really get stolen and all you need to do is to get the right symbols in order to win more cash. Also, the cops here are very good as they will assist you through a guaranteed victory!


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