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Like most online gaming software providers, Rival Gaming also offers online craps. This article provides tips for beginners that should help them in understanding the mechanics of the game.

The first step is to place the wager on the craps layout displayed on the screen. The minimum wager for all bets is $1. However, different bets have different maximum wagers. The maximum limits are not mentioned on the layout nor is the amount revealed when the cursor is moved over the bet. If the wager being placed by the player is in excess of the maximum wager permissible then there is a text message to that effect and the wagered amount is automatically reduced. The maximum wager limits for some of the prominent bets are given below. The Pass Line bet has a maximum limit of $75 and so has the Come Bet. The Field Bet has a maximum limit of $25. The Place Bets have a maximum limit of $75. The Proposition Bets have a maximum limit of $25.

The different bets in craps have different payouts. Most payouts are standardized across software providers and expert players would know them like the back of their hands. But it would help new players if the payouts were displayed on the layout. In Rival Gaming craps the payouts for the Proposition Bets are displayed on the layout but not the other bets. These details are available in the Help file, which can be accessed by clicking the help button available in the bottom left corner.

Two bets are advantageous in Rival Gaming craps and they need special mention. One is the Field Bet. This bet pays out even money for all marked totals except 2 and 12. In many online craps games 2 and 12 pay out 2 to 1. However, in Rival Gaming craps 2 pays out 2 to 1 and 12 pays out 3 to 1. This considerably reduces the house edge on the Field Bet and is a plus point for Rival Gaming craps.

The second bet is the Pass Line Bet. Once the point is established, Rival Gaming craps allows the Pass Line Odds Bet to be placed. This bet does not have any house edge and is a boon to craps players. Craps games from some other software providers do not offer this facility. The Pass Line Odds Bet in Rival Gaming craps is much better than the similar bet offered even in land casinos. In land casinos this bet is usually restricted to twice the original Pass Line Bet. In Rival Gaming craps the Pass Line Odds Bet is 5 times the original bet for the minimum wager of $1 and 3 times the original bet for the maximum wager of $75.

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Rival Gaming craps has the usual audio visual features such as animation of the dice rolling across the table, the close up of the dice face, the dealer’s voice making the announcements and the marker indicating the point established. The usual customization options are available in Rival Gaming craps. The game can be played in one of two speeds – Slow or Medium. The screen can be enabled to full size. The sounds can be enabled or disabled and the volume adjusted.

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