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The Vitals

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In More Words

The high life of a historical prince from the Middle-Eastern regions of the world is known to be very extravagant. The stunning ornate palaces and the fine women that are serving him are just some of the wealthy wonders that you can experience if you are a prince of that caliber and era. There may still be some who are enjoying this kind of lavish lifestyle, and you may get the chance to experience it here in Eastern Delights as well.

Eastern Delights is heavily themed after Sheikhs and princes in the Middle East. That’s why Playson decided to create a game that’s entirely dedicated to these rich people. The game is well-adorned with the image of a Sheikh and what seems to be a palace’s garden at night. Arabian-themed fonts are what makes the high card values such as K and Q fit enough to be placed in the game’s reels. The slot reels are separated into a 3×5 frame and all symbols appear like they are printed on the carpet. The frames for the paylines also lok like a well-adorned carpet as well.

There are many symbols present in the game than just the high card values, and they are themed after the things that you can see in a Sheikh’s palace. This game will make you feel like a prince once you score the jackpot, and all you have to do is to place your bets and press the spin button. You can also go for bet max and autplay for a faster chance to win big.

Bonus Features

Here are the very rich features of this game:

Wild Symbol

The question mark icon in the game that’s adorned with ruby and gold is the wild symbol. This can substitute other symbols (except for the scatter and drop symbols) for you to get combinations easier.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol of the game is an Arabian princess. Getting three or more of these anywhere on the slot reels can trigger the free spins round. This gives players 4 free spins with more free spins when you land more scatter symbols.

Drop Symbol

This special feature is the genie’s lamp. This destroys all of the symbols on all of the rows where the drop symbol stops. This drops the other symbols above the row in order to give you more chances to win. Other winnings that were destroyed by the symbol are counted as well.

How Does It Look

eastern delightseastern delightseastern delights

The Bottom Line

All it takes for you to live like a Sheikh is to test your luck and call a genie to assist you in getting winnings. This game is very entertaining for those who are amused with movies like Aladdin as the game also has a Middle-Eastern-themed music. So if you feel like you want to live like a prince, Eastern Delights is surely a rewarding game of play.


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