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The Vitals

In More Words

If you want a different dose of fun if you’re tired of playing slot games that have extra features in it, the European Roulette may be the perfect game for you. This is perfect for everyone out there who’s tired of playing slots at the moment and just want to focus on a typical casino game. This game is fully based on the roulette games that’s found in various famous casinos around the world. This is also a game that has very simple mechanics to enjoy.

The game is set on a roulette table. There are squares on the table where you can place your bets depending on the chips that you want to use. You can bet between numbers 0 – 36 to choose which number the ball on the roulette will land. You can also go for other betting conditions like choosing between odd or even, picking the 1st to 3rd 12 numbers, or by picking 1 – 18 or 19 – 36 for a higher chance to win. You can bet for any of these choices as the game’s mechanics may take your money and give you money at the same time (depending on how much values you chose to bet upon at).

Once you’re done placing the chips on the right place, you can go ahead and press the spin button in order to begin. You can also clear everything so then you can re-adjust your bets or you can remove one chip if you made a mistake. This game is very simple to play at and all you need to rely on is your luck to see if it will bring the ball to the right numbers on the roulette.

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The Bottom Line

European Roulette is guaranteed to be your simple game of roulette – where you just need to bet accordingly in order to see if you can win or not. There are no other extra features involved in this game as it follows the basic rules only. It will just give you the quiet ambiance of a roulette table session whenever you’re inside a casino. But rest assured that you will have fun playing this game for hours if you get hooked with it.

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