Eye Of The Kraken | Slot Game Review


The Vitals

In More Words

There are many sailors ever since the past who said that the underwater world holds a lot of treasures. It may be very hard to get those as of now because the deep water are very dangerous. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t digitally access them. Eye of the Kraken is one of those games that will take you to an underwater world so then you can get the reaches and see the kraken yourself as well.

The game has a background of the deep ocean and is adorned with metallic frames on the its 3-reel slots – which actually looks like parts of a submarine. The game also contains symbols that are themed after seafaring such as diving helmets, sailors, a ship captain, and even a torpedo. This will definitely make you feel like you’re hunting after the tales of the deep ocean and for the kraken. But this time, the kraken will not eat you; it will show you towards a lot of prizes if you’re lucky enough in this game.

You just have to choose which amount you want to bet at, as well as the paylines that you want to designate. After that, you can go ahead and press autoplay so then you can automatically spin the reels as you sit back and relax to see if the kraken will really guide you towards the jackpot prize!

Bonus Features

Eye of the Kraken has some bonus features that are considered as interesting enough:

Wild Tentacles

The game’s wild symbols are the kraken’s tentacles which can replace the rest of the symbols in the game. Winning 3 wild symbols can give you 20 coins and getting 4 wilds in the 4 corners of the slots under a 5 payline game will give you a x10 multiplier for your winnings.

Scatter Helmet

The diving helmet is the scatter symbol wherein you can enter diving mode. Diving mode lets you access 9 free spins and unlock a symbol that’s reminiscent of the blue eye of the kraken. This eye is another wild symbol. A treasure chest also appears on the reel in order to give you a lot of prizes depending on your current multiplier.

The Torpedo

Collecting 50 torpedos throughout the game will activate a feature called Conquer the Kraken. This feature will activate the counter on the right as it will count the 50 torpedoes down. This can let you get even more treasures for more prizes. You will need to target 3 tentacles from the kraken in order to get the prizes as well.

How Does It Look

eye of the krakeneye of the krakeneye of the kraken

The Bottom Line

Eye of the Kraken will surely give you a way to take on an underwater adventure and get a chance to battle the kraken itself so then you can win even more treasures which will surely make you glad. This game is known to contain an easy way for you to win as well, even if we all know that it’s hard to adventure on the deep sea in real life.


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