Freemason’s Fortune | Slot Game Review


The Vitals

In More Words

There is no conspiracy involved in this game. It’s just that the game is heavily titled after the Freemasons – one of the oldest fraternities in the world. They claim that they are non-political and non-religious as they only aim at gaining knowledge through self-wisdom. But in this game that’s heavily themed after them, you will gain the knowledge to see if your luck will prevail in this game or not.

The game is beautifully designed after the contents of a Freemason’s grand lodge. The area of the lodge appears to be a metting hall of some sorts that’s well adorned and have comfy chairs. The game’s reel is set in front of the meeting for you to focus on the slots. The reel is framed inside two golden pillars and the buttons of the game are found at the bottom of the screen. The game shows K and Q as their ordinary symbols, while other Masonic symbols are also found in the game.

Starting the game requires you to press the golden circular button on the center-bottom of the screen. You can also adjust your bet per line and the paylines. You can also press the autoplay and bet max buttons for a faster way to gamble.

Bonus Features

Scatter Symbol – Scatter symbol provides 10 extra free spins so then you can get a risk-free gambling. But many say that the free spin s are not worthy due to the worth of the tiles present in the game.

 Wild Symbol – The wild symbol is the logo of the Freemasons. But it has a W letter instead of the G letter on the middle. This substitutes all of the symbols in order to provide you higher chances to win.

How Does It Look

freemasons fortunefreemasons fortunefreemasons fortune

The Bottom Line

Freemasons Fortune could be an excellent source of gambling income for Freemasons. But take note that this game actually doesn’t have anything much to offer despite the fact that the appearance and even the sound of the game appears grand. This is a sad fact as many players even expected high rewards and very cool bonuses in this game, only to find out that this is just a typical 3-reel slot game.


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