Galactic Speedway | Slot Game Review


The Vitals

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In More Words

Explore outer space in a way where you can get cash. The Galactic Speedway by Booming Games is what you definitely need if you want to explore outer space with your imagination while gambling at the same time. The game features a lot of space-related stuff and some sci-fi content for those who are geeky enough to love outer space.

The game is space packed as it’s well-decorated with an alien material-like frame for the slot reels – acting like a screen that has the view of many stars on its back. The game contains various stuff found in space such as suns. There are also some sci-fi themed symbols such as laser guns and some purple suns.

The game will just require you to hit bet max if you want to take your speedway towards bigger winnings, and you can also speed it up even more with the auto play button. Just bet according to the game’s bet range per payline for you to start playing right away! Outer space waits you!

Bonus Features

Wild Cars – The wild symbol of the game is the car. It can substitute all of the symbols in the game except Scatter. This helps you get winning combos easier. Get 5 wild symbols in order to win a great prize!.

Scatter Jets – Space Jets serve as the Scatter Symbol of the game. Landing on three of them will open up a free spin round with 10 bonus spins while getting more chances to win spins. A great way to take a trip for spinning for free.

A Special Vortex – Landing on 2 vortexes triggers the rotation feature of the game – where the reels will be rotated by 90 degrees. All winning paylines that will be renewed by spinning are also counted as wins on this mode. Activating 3 vortexes will rotate the reels at 180 degrees, while four of these symbols rotates the reel for 3 times.

How Does It Look

galactic speedwaygalactic speedwaygalactic speedway

The Bottom Line

Galactic Speedway is a game that has a bit of thrill into it due to its extra feature of adding the vortex symbol. This just means that you can get more wins once that happens, or it will just chance the appearance of the reels only. But nonetheless, expect that high chances to win are guaranteed here in this game. It will take you into a vortex of fun that will keep you playing for hours – like you’re out of this world already!


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