Joker Poker MH | Slot Game Review


The Vitals

In More Words

Joker Poker MH poker is a one of the classic video poker games that’s perfect for players who just want to play poker without any competition except the AI of the software. The game itself features a multi-handed gameplay where you can access various cards as you attempt to get a higher prize. The game also has 54 cards since it contains a Joker card.

Joker Poker lets you play five random cards from the deck. You need to choose one or all five of the cards after you place your bets. The game will then replace the un-held cards with the rest of the winning cards upon starting the deal. The final deal will determine the combination of your hand in order to calculate the prize as seen on the game’s paytable. Royal Flush contains the highest jackpot of 4000 coins once you land on that combination. But many poker players know well that this is a hard combo to achieve.

Bonus Features

There are no current bonus features in the game. All you need to do is to bet on the cards that you have chosen in order to win. There are no “Double Up” features yet. But there are rumors that it will be implemented soon.

How Does It Look

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The Bottom Line

Joker Poker is guaranteed to be addictive for everyone who just want to enjoy video poker by themselves or for them to learn how to understand each combination and how high the value of each can be. This game could be your simulator or trainer in playing poker. But take note that competitive poker has different mechanics. Thus, you can say that Joker Poker is just perfect for solo players out there.


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