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The Vitals

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In More Words

If you’re tired of the usual casino games such as slots and video poker, then this video game by Playson is for you. Roulette with Track is a basic roulette game by Playson that’s known to be very popular to its players and fans especially if they want to take a break from all those themed slot games.

This game is designed after the typical roulette table. That’s why you get to see the betting table where you can place your bets according to the color or number that you chose. The roulette is also present so then you will see the winning number or color once you start spinning the wheel. There are also chips which represent as your bets once you place money on the numbers and colors before spinning the roulette.

There are no competitors in this game; it’s just you taking all the fun for yourself once you play this game. So start placing your bets according to the bet range and start spinning the roulette to see your luck!


Bonus Features

There are no bonus features in this game. The standard mechanics of roulette are being followed in this game. That also means there are no side bets involved in every spin of the roulette in this game.

How Does It Look

roulette with trackroulette with trackroulette with track

The Bottom Line

Roulette with Track is just the typical type of Roulette game. It’s a good thing that the game contains a nice set of graphics which will make you feel like you’re playing in a classy casino even when you’re inside your own home only. This game also assures winnings that’s as fast as slots as long as you’re lucky for today.


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