How to play Craps

How to play Craps : one of the most exciting and fast games that you can find in any casino.

When the dice are hot all you need to do is follow the screaming and the yelling and you will surely end up at the craps table.

What makes this game so exciting is that you can place a variety of bets and play with a bigger bankroll.

If the shooter is on a winning streak you can easily win some hefty amounts very fast and walk away with a big chunk of change in your pocket.

But for a newcomer playing at the craps table can be confusing and intimidating at times.

Everyone is yelling, you hear a lot of words you don’t really understand and you don’t know what to bet on.

how to play craps

In most casinos today the craps table has a double layout. It is usually operate by a 4 man crew. There are two dealers at the table whose job is to collect bets, pay the winnings to the lucky players and clear all losing bets from the table.

The losing bets are then handed to the boxman whose job is tocollect them and put them in a drop box.

The most important individual at the table is the stick man.

His job is to push the dice from the table to the shooter and yell out the results from each roll. The stick man controls the pace of the game and urges players to place their bets on the craps table.

how to play craps for beginners

how to play craps for beginners

You can place a variety of bets at the craps table, but it doesn’t mean that all bets are good.

Like any other casino game the craps table comes with a house edge.
Some bets have a higher house edge, while some a lower one and are consider as the best bets at a craps table.

The most common bet on the crap stable is the Pass/Don’t Pass bet.
This means that with the Pass bet you are betting on the side of the shooter and with the Don’t Pass bet you are betting against him.

The next most common bet is the Come/ Don’t Come bet.

This is a similar bet to the Pass/ Don’t Pass with the only difference being that you bet on rolls other than the initial come out roll.

There are a lot of other bets that you can place around the craps table and you will need to learn them all in order to become more successful at the game.

Even if you lose you’re still guarante to have lots of fun at the table as this is the most exciting casino game you will find on the casino floor. It also won’t hurt to learn some of the basic lingo around the table and superstitions to avoid getting in conflict with the other players.

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