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The Vitals

In More Words

The most popular video poker slot out there is Jacks or Better, otherwise known as Draw Poker. It is a basic variation of the game. The player only needs to have a hand with Jacks or Better to be eligible to receive a payout. The game usually begins with your bet and you will then be dealt five cards. You can now decide which ones you want to hold on to and which ones to discard.

High refers to a card that is higher than Jack while Low refers to the one that is lower than Jack. The Royal Flush talks about five sequential cards of the same type starting with 10 till with Ace and is the highest paying hand. Straight Flush is five sequential cards of the same type till 10 while Straight refers to five cards in sequence but not of the same suit. Three of a Kind refers to three cards of the same number while Four of a Kind is three cards of the same number.

Bonus Features

Some tricks and tips to win at this game include discarding the fifth card when you have four cards for a Royal Flush. It could be that the discarded card was getting you a Pair or a Flush. It is advisable to only break up a Straight or a Flush when you are in need of only one card for a Royal Flush. Never break a Three of a Kind, Four of a Kind, a Full House, or Two Pair. If you are not dealt with the above-mentioned hands, it would be best if you discard all the cards and draw five again.

How Does It Look

bonus poker jacks or betterbonus poker jacks or betterbonus poker jacks or better

The Bottom Line

Bonus Poker – Jacks or Better by Wager Gaming is a simple game which attracts many people because of just that quality! It is a great place if you are new and want to learn the game.


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