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The Vitals

In More Words

Classic Blackjack is the most popular and the most common variant you will find in online casinos. The rules are not overly complicated and the low house edge is attractive to the players. Classic Blackjack by Wager Gaming is something new they have styled out. The game controls are user-friendly and the graphics give off a casino-ish atmosphere. This game can be played on your smartphone. It works on both iPhones and Android devices.

The Classic Blackjack game starts with the players choosing how much to bet with the chips located at the bottom left of the game screen. The minimum bet is $2 while the maximum bet is $200. You can select between one to five hands every round. If you want to lower the wagered amount, right click on the icon of the chips. After you place the bets, click “Deal”. You can now choose to stand, hit, double etc. After this is done, the dealer will play their hand. The bets can be paid or collected. Click on the Re-bet button to start a new hand.

Bonus Features

Classic Blackjack does not have a bonus round but you can win quite a lot if you know about certain strategies. The dealer must draw till 16, stay on 17s. Insurance bet pays 2:1 while a dealt blackjack pays 3:2. For all other bets, the pay is 1:1. If there are cards of the same value, you can split it. Doubling can be only done after splitting. Standard Blackjack rules work here regarding the basic gameplay.

How Does It Look

classic blackjackclassic blackjackclassic blackjack

The Bottom Line

This four deck Classic Blackjack Game by Wager Gaming is quite popular among the online punters. This game with its smooth graphics and decent enough payouts does not lack anything. With a maximum bet of $200, high rollers are more than welcome.


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