Cloud Quest | Slot Game Review


The Vitals

In More Words

Travel to the skies with Cloud Quest as it will take you to an epic fantasy-themed slots game. This is a 5×5 grid game. That means you will access a 5-reel slot game once you start this game. There are also a lot of bonuses that you can enjoy in this game, and the features are very interesting just like an RPG game. There are a lot of adventure gamers that will surely love this game if they want to gamble and score some money.

The game is themed after a fantasy game as seen on the symbols which contains items like emblems, potions, heroes with swords, a female archer, and a magical book. The game is also set on the skies as the background of the game, and has floating island around it. That’s why you can truly say that this is a fantasy game that will take you to whole new heights in the form of a chance to win money! After all, getting rich feels like sky high.

Bonus Features

The bonus features of the game are as many as the features of an adventure game! Here are the following:

Power Stone Symbol

This symbol can fill the power meter in order to give players a chance to turn on a feature called Super Powers. Here are four of the super powers that you may get:

  • Five of Fortune – all prizes during free spins are multiplied by 5.
  • Emblem of Endurance – Re-spin unlocks wilds that can fall in different places and lock once it stops in order to replace symbols during winning combos.
  • Mark of Multitude – this lets players get one of the following bonuses: A wild symbol on the middle slot. The 2 middle symbols in a combonation of 4 symbols that match together are replaced by wild symbols as well. 3 alternating symbols on a winning combo of 5 symbols are replaced by wild symbols.
  • Scatter of Success – all symbols become scatter symbols.

Matching Symbols

When symbols are matched diagonally, horizontally or vertically, the symbols get cleared out in order for the other symbols to drop down for more chances of winning. The symbols that disappeared count as your winnings as well.

Fight the Monster

To make the game into a real adventure slots game, you can defeat the monster in the game if you land on 3 bonus symbols. This will let you get 3 free spins and go to the next stage to defeat another monsters. Keep on progressing this way until you defeat the last monster – which can multiply your winnings by 100!

How Does It Look

cloud questcloud questcloud quest

The Bottom Line

Cloud Quest is a game that will surely take you towards an awesome adventure. Take note that you can even increase your ranks to know that you’re winning a lot. It’s a way for the game to show that you’ve already won a lot, with the Titan rank as the highest. So if you just love to take on a fantasy quest, go ahead and play this game because winning a lot of real money is the “perfect ending” of this epic adventure!


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