Deuces Wild By WGS | Slot Game Review


The Vitals

In More Words

Deuces Wild By WGS is not your traditional game. Here, twos can act as the card needed by the player which means that one can create hands which would have been otherwise very difficult to attain. Though it is not complicated, it is a bit different from the other poker games available out there. Unfortunately or fortunately, the game does not require a lot of strategies. The game takes place on a greenish backdrop and the color scheme feels a bit dystopian.

The goal of the game is to create the best five card hand with a combination of replacement cards. You can now replace the cards in your first hand to get a winning set. Since twos can act as any suit, they are held automatically. The paytable determines the payouts. The betting options appear on the lower part of the screen.

Bonus Features

Since the probability of making a good hand is greater, the paytable requires the players to make better hands in order to win points. Any less than three-of-a-kind will not fetch you anything which that hand in itself can get you only your initial bet back. When the red “double up” button is used, the player gets the chance to go double or nothing. If you choose a card which is greater than the one shown, you double the win.

2 acts as a wild and successfully replaces the card you need. If you receive a 2, then the game holds it for you automatically. Pressing “Gamble” works to double your win. You will have to guess the color of the next to be drawn card.

How Does It Look

deuces wild by wgsdeuces wild by wgsdeuces wild by wgs

The Bottom Line

Deuces Wild by WGS is an excellent place to start playing poker. The game is designed to be simple and quite lucrative. The interface of the game is simple and could seriously use some soundtracks and additional graphics to make it a better experience for the players.


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