Dolphin’s Luck | Slot Game Review


The Vitals

In More Words

The sea is a known theme that’s found in many online slot games. It’s because the theme of the sea appears to be very relaxing especially if you want to gamble on a fine boring summer day. This game is just perfect for anyone who’s in love with the sea, the beach, and those who love sea creatures as well. Dolphin’s Luck will surely take you into a friendly underwater world as the dolphin gives you a chance to get the gold that it owns.

This game is basically themed after the sea. An underwater world can be seen as the background of the game – with the bright daylight piercing at the top of the screen. The game contains a number of stuff found in the sea. Of course, the dolphin is one of them. Typical high card value serves such as 9 and A as the other symbols found in the game. The sea theme of the game will never be complete if there are no sea animals like tropical fishes and crabs on the symbols. That’s why Booming Games even added them.

This game is very fun and friendly to the eye to play. Even the music seems cheerful. So go ahead and start placing your bets before spinning that button so then you can begin with the game. You can even go bet max or autoplay if you want quicker ways to bet and win.

Bonus Features

Wild Symbol – Seahorses are the wild symbols of the game. These can substitute the rest of the symbols for you to have higher chances to land combos. The fourth reel of the slot machine is actually filled with these and one dolphin.

Scatter Symbol – The dolphin is a scatter symbol which can give you high reward and free spins at the same time. There is a rare dolphin on the fourth reel of the game as well.

Double Your Winnings – If you want your winnings to go deeper, guess which color the pearl is (if it’s black or white) if you agree to double your winnings. This is a risky bonus as it can reduce your winnings to zero if you guess it wrong.

How Does It Look

dolphin's luckdolphin's luckdolphin's luck

The Bottom Line

The sea may be a dangerous place. But it’s a good thing that Dolphin’s Luck takes you to its friendlier side. This is a very fun and relaxing game to play as it has a very nice music and designs that are not too bright or too dark to look at. So if you want to feel like you’re taking a vacation by gambling, then explore the deep sea in this game!


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