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The Vitals

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In More Words

Down the Pub is a game that’s perfect for those who just love to take a sip of beer on a fine evening at a bar. This game is also heavily designed and inspired on an irish pub. There’s also a character of an irish man holding a mug of beer on the screen so then the game will show that it’s a game that’s dedicated to beer lovers out there.

This game is set on a traditional pub scene that has a bar, brown bricks and wooden tables and some frames that decorate the dim-lighted bar. The game’s slot reels are placed on a wooden frame with a wooden background on it. The game’s buttons are displayed at the bottom – which are just colored after the pub but not designed like so. The symbols of the game include the B O N U S letters for the game’s extra feature. The game also has pints of beer, glasses of whisky and even some food to side with your drink.

So if you want to get as pumped up as a person that’s ready to spend a good night at a pub, start playing this game by placing your bets or by setting the maximum bet right away. You can go ahead and press the spin button or the autoplay button if you want to begin betting in this fine pub.


Bonus Features

Wild Symbol – The game’s wild symbol is a pint of beer. This replaces all of the symbols in order for you to land combos easier. It can also give you 1 more free spin if you get three pints or more.

Scatter Symbol – The game logo is the scatter symbol as these can give you a free spins round. The free spins round gives you continuous opportunities until you land on 3 pint symbols.

Bonus Round – Complete the B O N U S letters together in order to unlock this fun round. This is unveils a pub’s fruit machine so then you can win even more prizes. The fruit machine only gives you three lives and landing a bomb on the machine takes away one of those lives. There are bonuses in tis game such as multipliers and a huge jackpot as well.

How Does It Look

down the pubdown the pubdown the pub

The Bottom Line

Down the Pub will surely make you spend a lot of hours playing this game like spending a lot of time drinking beer. However, grabbing a mug or bottle of beer while playing this game is all up to you and if you have some money to buy one. There are some who say that this game might make you feel like drinking, or maybe it’s just that most of the players here love to drink in the first place. But nonetheless, this is a highly addicting game thanks to the number of features it has to offer.


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