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The Vitals

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In More Words

Blackjack is known to be one of the simplest games to date. This is also a game that’s still popular in many casino games and even in the streets and in homes of people who just want to spend time gambling. European Blackjack gives you the same experience as playing the classic card game to see if you will be able to get winnings or if the banker will beat you with its card. The game also has a simple gambling mechanic that even beginners will find easy to understand.

This game is set on a blackjack table where you can choose between 1 – 5 hands to see if all of these can beat the banker’s card. You need to place your bets on the hand that you chose to bet at by picking the right chip amount to bet at. Once you’re done with betting, you can start dealing to commence the game. The banker will give itself and your selected hands two cards. The banker’s card will not yet be revealed until the end of the game.

You can choose between four options during the game:

  • Hit – You can request another card from the dealer to increase your total amount.
  • Stand – Press this if you don’t need another card and you’re confident that you will win.
  • Split – Similar ranked cards on other hands can be split in order to play two separate hands.
  • Double down – You can double your wager if your first two cards have a total value of 9 to 11. There should be no aces when using this card.

The highest value possible is 21 and you need to have a value that’s higher than the banker to beat him. The banker will give you a payout of 2 is to 1 if you manage to beat it. The game also has a limit where the game stops if the banker runs out of chips for playing.

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The Bottom Line

European Blackjack is a simple game that’s based on the classic game. That means there are no extra rules or any complicated features that are added into the game. It’s just pure Blackjack fun and you just have to play the game in order to completely understand how the game works. Rest assured that this is a game that also guarantees easy winnings if you know how to place your bets in a card game.

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