Pharaoh Bingo | Slot Game Review

The Vitals

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In More Words

Pharaoh Bingo is an Egyptian themed game from Microgaming. Who would have thought that the old game will get a new twist? Let’s travel together back into history and find out about the secrets of Tutankhamen. Maybe we will get a hold of his lost treasures as well. The soundtrack that can be heard in the background is a great addition to the theme, which is flawless by the way.

Bonus Features

Pharaoh Bingo is just like in any other Bingo game. That means it is very easy to play, but if you are a beginner we will explain in couple of words how to play it. There are 4 bongo cards each containing 15 numbers. You can play on all 4 cards if you want. Your job is to match patterns on your cards with the winning patterns that are presented. There will be a draw of 30 balls, but if you are missing couple of numbers to complete a pattern, no worries. You can purchase couple of balls at a certain cost. You can buy up to 10 additional balls.

How Does It Look

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The Bottom Line

Pharaoh Bingo is a great addition to Microgaming’s portfolio. This is a very entertaining game that allows players to enjoy an older game with a new twist. But this does not come as a surprise since this is a game that was produced by one of the best software providers out there, Microgaming. They have been in the online casino games industry for so long. For that reason they know what their players need. We know that slots offer so much fun but we need something different from time to time. Pharaoh Bingo is definitely a game that you have to try, if you still haven`t had the chance to do so.

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