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The Vitals

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In More Words

If you’re looking for an extra bite of thrill for your slots game, then make sure that you try out Shark Meet! This underwater and shark-themed game will let you explore into the deep sea in order to find the jackpot that’s well guarded by the sharks. This game is also known to be available in mobile so then you can visit the deep sea anytime to score some real cash.

Shark Meet is designed under the sea as seen on the background which is similar to the underwater parts of the sea. The game also contains various creatures from underwater, and that includes the shark – the game’s main theme. The game appears to be more friendly to children as the sharks in the game appear to be cartoonish.

But that doesn’t mean that your child can play this game. This is still a gambling game. So start placing your bets or bet at max with the bet max button once you operate the game. You can also go auto play if you want to try betting for multiple spins.

Bonus Features

Wild Shark – The shark is the wild symbol for the game. It replaces the other symbols to land easier combos. This doesn’t support the scatter shark symbol to promote a bit of challenge in this slots game.

Scatter Shark – The scatter shark is the other type of shark symbol in the game. These can provide free spins to increase your chances of winning. Getting more sharks during the free spins round can increase your free spins as well.

How Does It Look

shark meetshark meetshark meet

The Bottom Line

Sharks may be scary and aggressive in real life. But this game makes sure that you will become friends with the sharks for a while. So go and take the risk by diving your cash into this slots game as the sharks will make sure that you will have more reasons to hunt the jackpot hidden in the game!


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