Stellar Stones | Slot Game Review


The Vitals

In More Words

The deep space is known to have a lot of resources that we might be able to use in the future. But now, we cannot due to the lack of technology to fully explore the planets in space. That’s why sci-fi stuff was made to the point where it reached the slot machine games. Stellar Stones is a sci-fi themed game that’s designed after outer space. But this game also adds a new twist to the theme: gems called “stellar stones” are added.

The game is themed after outer space and has a space shop on top of the small reel on the screen. The typical high card values such as K and A are present as gem-like symbols that are shaped after the value. There are also colorful gem stones that also serve as symbols in the game. The game has an outer space background in it to show how the game is fully themed after outer space.

So if you want to find out if these gems will bring you riches, you just have to start betting, or going for the maximum bet possible for chances to win bigger. You can also go on auto play if you want to go for the same bet amounts for multiple spins as well. So good luck in exploring space with what it has to offer in Stellar Stones!

Bonus Features

Wild Ruby – The wild symbol of the game is a ruby. These can substitute the symbols to land combos easier. Collecting all five of the heart-shaped rubies can give you the jackpot of 1000 coins.

Sapphire Symbol – The scatter symbol is an elegant sapphire. This gives you free spins for three times only.

How Does It Look

stellar stonesstellar stonesstellar stones

The Bottom Line

This is an easy game that’s perfect for newbies who want to start loving the wonders of online slot games. Those fond with outer space-themed games will also love this game. This is a colorful game that might lead you to riches or down to the outskirts of space – getting nothing at all! So good luck out there in exploring what the gems can offer in Stellar Stones.


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