Game Review: Does Diamonds Down Under Slots Still Hold Up?

Diamonds Down Under is an online game based on diamond mining in Australia. The game consists of 15 pay lines and 5 reels and has been developed by Rival Gaming software.

The game is based on the character Crocodile Dundee, who had previously been portrayed by actor Paul Hogan on screen, back in the 1980s.


What makes Diamonds Down Under so appealing is that it successfully manages to capture the Australian way of life (or at least we consider to be the Australian way of life). Iconic Aussie traits like boomerangs, obscure road signs, and kangaroos, etc. all make an appearance! Furthermore, players have the opportunity to win the top prize of $25,000.

The minimum amount that players can bet is a penny per line while the maximum amount that they can bet is a dollar per line. Players have at least $75 available at all times. This is not just appealing for high rollers but also for lower to mid range rollers.

The player decides which line they want to bet. They also have the option of betting on all 15 lines at once.

The Wild Symbol

The wild symbol has multiple purposes. It gives the player a win when two or more than two people land on an active play line. In addition to that, the symbol also matches the other symbols in the games.

As a result, for two wins the players receive ten coins, for three they receive a hundred coins and for four they win a thousand coins.

Free Spins

Through the free spins, players get the opportunity to get a high score. There is a three-time multiplier with all wins and these can be triggered again with the initial free spins.

The Scatter Symbol

Also known as the Croc hunter symbol, this symbol allows the players to win up to five hundred times their original bet when all five symbols land at the reels. Players also have the option of triggering the bonus round when they get three symbols.


During the bonus round the players have the opportunity to activate at least three treasure maps that they see on the reels.

The players select the area where they want to start on the map. In each individual area, they search deep inside the mines and uncover the hidden secrets.

The Final Verdict

Diamonds Down Under is the ideal game for people who want to experience the Australian way of life. It allows them to engage in activities like getting drinks with the locals and jumping around with Kangaroos.

The game is also quite appealing visually and transports the players in the Australian outbacks. People who are interested in playing this game can check it out our website.

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